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We have the experience and equipment to capture your event. You have worked hard to make your event perfect now hire professionals to record the event for you..


Your guests will also love our social media options and the fun offered by our photo booths.

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With high speed event printers 8x10 images can be printed and delivered within 2 minutes of a photography being taken.


4x6 images are less than 1 minute.


Photography is great for Fund Raising at Your Event


Event Photography printing at the eventPeople love pictures and the quicker that we can put them in their hands the more excited they will be and the more money they will spend. Our high speed photo printers can help bring excitement to your event by letting people see their photos and know that they can leave with those photographs or receive them in their in-box. Our event photography printers can print up to an 8x10 in 75 seconds.



The same approach for fund raising will not work for all events. We will be happy to visit with you about your event and what has and not worked for you in the past. Sometimes a fresh approach will make people more eager to make the event an even bigger success than they have in the past.


Please contact us to discuss your specific fund raising needs and how we can help you with your goals.





Church Fund Rainsing

The above picture above was taken at the Night of the Living Art exhibit at Blessed Sacrament Church. Our approach at this event was to photograph the exhibit the week before during rehearsal and then have a 16x20 available at the silent auction. In addition, we were printing 8x10s at the event so that event participants could purchase at the event. This creates a WOW factor which will make your event even more memorable.


Regardless of what type of fund raising event you have we have ideas on ways to incorporate our event photography services into your event. With modern WiFi techniques and high speed printers our photo deliver is fast and the quality will wow your attendees.


Event Photography Services List


Here is a complete list of our services. If you don't see something you would like please let us know.

- Candid photographs taken while people are mingling and having fun. These can be printed immediately or viewed by the participants.

- Wireless transfer of photographs to a central printing area, ordering area, social media station, or for a slide show.

- Group Photographs

- Celebrity of couple photographs taken and printed within 30 seconds.

- Online ordering with a link from your website.
- People can view/purchase all the images at the event from their own smart devices.



- Social media uploads from viewing stations to Facebook, Twitter or Emailing

- Event DVDs/CDs delivered at the event.

- Photo Booth rentals. These can be as small as you would like or accommodate large groups.
- Complete rig rentals. If you are another photographer and are wanting to rent a complete event photography rig including personnel please contact us for a bid.

- Green screen options.

- Photo gifts created at the event.



Examples of some of the photography products which we can product that night are:

  • Key chains
  • Buttons
  • Photos
  • Collages
  • Award plaques
  • Event CDs


Many of these products can be printed at the event. As another option we can hand people a card with a website address where they can view the images online for a later purchase.



A very popular addition to our event photography are Photo Booths. Our booths rentals come with props and an attendant to add to the excitement. Our print layouts can add event information and special thank you information for the sponsors. This helps your guests always remember where the photograph was taken and shows your appreciation to your sponsors. To learn more about our photo booths please visit or



Event Booth Race Trace

How much does it cost?

Each event varies so feel free to call and let us know what you have. Some event managers use our services as additional revenue while others want us to become part of the event experience. We are always excited to provide memorable moments and souvenirs whenever we can.

Viewing Computers - Ordering and printing photographs onsite.


Each event is different so let us be a part of the planning. We are very happy to meet with you at the venue to discuss photography opportunities and to decide on best placement for our equipment.






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