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We have the experience and equipment to capture your event. You have worked hard to make your event perfect now hire professionals to record the event for you..


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With high speed event printers 8x10 images can be printed and delivered within 2 minutes of a photography being taken.


4x6 images are less than 1 minute.


Event Photography - Lighting and Using the Right Equipment

Light is the photographers paint brush. When we are photographing an event we must strive to either overcome the existing light, provide light where there is none, or work to combine the existing light with artificial light.


Professional Lighting EquipmentWhether your event is a wedding or a class reunion we want to make sure that we have brought the equipment required to do the job.


We're often taking photographs where there is no power. We not only bring battery packs but we bring in extra battery pack should we need it. We also pack 200 feet of extension cords, just in case.


If you're talking to photographers about what kind of equipment they have to cover your event here are some of the common components that you should expect them to have with them for your event photography needs.


  • Monolights or multi-head light systems - Monolights are self contained flash units. They have the advantage of working independently of each other and as a result if one fails you have not lost the entire lighting system. Multi head lights systems have a central power pack and multiple heads that provide the light.

  • Soft box - White LightningUmbrellas or soft boxes - These tools are used to broaden, soften, or direct the light. While lighting a large groups, such as in reunion class photography, is what we do the most of we are sometimes asked to provide a very directional light for a person on a stage. Tools such as these put us in control of where the light goes and the quality of the light.
    Pictured to the left is a soft box. Another common lighting tool is an umbrella. Each has their advantages. We have used both in our group photography and have found that either took can light groups well. Our preference is to use soft boxes. The reason is that umbrellas seem to cause us to have to use higher flash output settings which means that if we are using battery packs we do not have the ability to shoot as quickly.

  • Light stands - While this may seem like a no-brainer there is a difference in light stands. We use Avenger light stands which are heavy duty and have a small foot print. This latter features helps reduce the risk of your event guests tripping over a light stand.

Here are some of the photography equipment questions that we are often asked by event coordinators:


  • What is the largest group you have photographed?
  • Was this group inside or outside?
  • Do you have enough equipment to photograph a large group outside at night?
  • Do you have back-up camera and lighting equipment?
  • Our reunion committee wants to do the group photography later in the evening. Is that a problem with lighting?
  • Can your lighting run on batteries?
  • How many years of digital photography experience do you have?
  • Is your camera a full size image sensor?
  • If you are unable to print orders will you mail at no additional cost?

We hope that you have found some of this information useful. If you have additional questions please Contact Us.


Article provided by Art's Photography.


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