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We have the experience and equipment to capture your event. You have worked hard to make your event perfect now hire professionals to record the event for you..


Your guests will also love our social media options and the fun offered by our photo booths.

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With high speed event printers 8x10 images can be printed and delivered within 2 minutes of a photography being taken.


4x6 images are less than 1 minute.


Event Photography Services offered by Wichita Event Photography

We offer the following event photography services.


If you do not see a service that you want please feel free to contact us to inquire. Most event services are very similar and if we can't offer what you need we will work to find another Wichita event photographer who can.

  • Reunion Photography
    • Family reunion photographyFamily and Class Reunions are our specialty.

      We offer coverage with on site printing. Reunion participants can view the images and leave with them that night. For candid photos we offer online ordering or complete event disk packages. For 15+ year class reunions there is no charge. If your reunion is less than 15 years please contact us. [Learn More]

      Yes, we do travel into Oklahoma and many other Kansas cities.

  • Fund Raising Events
    • Fund raising is an important part of many organizations. Photographs taken and printed at the event are a popular items and can generate income for your organization. The best approach is to have sponsor(s) pay for a photo booth and then let the pictures do the advertising. Our photo booths also have contest modes which will encourage people to use the booth. [Learn More]

  • Sporting Events
    • Action photography of sporting events requires dedication of the photographers. We have experience photographing everything from cheer leading, car and go-kart racing, as well as the dance stage. If you are looking for team photographs we suggest that you also visit Wichita Sports Photography.

  • Wedding Photography
    • Wedding Photography is available through the Art's Photography website. Art's Photography has wedding photography packages for every budget. Purchase wedding photograph services and a photo booth rental and save money on the total package.


Types of Event Photography Coverage Offered

  • Types of Event Coverage

    • VIP photograph and with onsite printingFixed Location: A fixed location has a background or set where we take group photographs.

    • We have many background options in a variety of colors. If you have a specific need for a particular color or scene we have rental companies that we work with who can use to give the photographs a very special look.

      Pricing on this type of event varies. For Easter Bunny and Santa Claus type events our base charge is $75 location plus $45 an hour, and $.99 a print. This may vary based upon package add-ons and other requests.

    • Roaming Photographers: Roaming photographers can cover the event taking table photographs and anything which is an important part of the event. Guests can then view them online or come to one of our printing stations.

  • On-site Print Options:
    • We can have pictures to your guests within 60 - 90 seconds after the picture was taken. Picture sizes can be anywhere from 3 1/2 x 5 to 8x12. Any one of these sizes has less than a 2 minute print time.

Fund Raising Options:

  • Each organization has different needs. Here are our most common approaches.
    • Raffle - In Kansas you have to be very careful when advertising a raffle. With our contest mode people can pay to use the booth and then be entered in a drawing. This is legal because they receive the photo booth picture as a purchase.

    • Guaranteed  Sales - When we only print pre-sold images the per print cost to the organization is lower than other options.

    • Speculation/with Printing* - With this service we can take photographs and print them without orders. Attendees could also view the ones we did not print on the computer. 

    • Speculation/with Viewing* - With this service we can take photographs of the event and allow people to drop by our booth where they can view images and purchase them. This approach requires a place to setup our booth and assurances that the event MC(s) will publicize our presence.

    • Online Sales* - Online sales are typically not your best fund raiser. However, we are happy to post all event photographs online.

    • Photo Booth Rentals - Yes, a photo booth can be a great fund raiser. The best way to do this is to get a sponsor(s) who will have their information printed on the pictures. There are several approaches that we can use for this. Please contact su to learn more.

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